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Image courtesy of Walk the Plank (New Year’s Eve parade)


“Have we awoken the terrible Dragon? Will it overwhelm us all?”


Dare to join us in the grand halls of Bristol Museum on March 23 for an immersive, adult only adventure inspired by the heroes and monsters from the Old English poem of Beowulf. Expect a contemporary take on the 1000 year old epic, with rap battles, music and animation bringing the museum creatures to life.

Make your way through the mists and terror of the marsh where the monster Grendel lurks and take refuge in Hrothgar’s Mead-Hall with the Anglo-Saxon warriors. The hall is haunted by fear and fatalism as Grendel stalks the darkness beyond, weaving through the crowds to murder and plunder.

With theatrical performance, film, dark sounds, swords and blood-curdling storytelling we will transport you into an otherworldly space where Beowulf may be embodied by a rap artist, a shadow or even an audience member.

Experts will illuminate Anglo-Saxon life, culture and gold during breaks in the action, and a bar will also be open in between skirmishes – so drink and be merry but remember, Grendel will have his prey …

  • Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, March 23 2017, 7.30pm – 10.30pm
  • Tickets £15 / £12 concs.
  • 18+


Click here for further info and to book tickets.

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