Washed Up

We are making Washed Up available to watch FREE during the coronavirus crisis. It’s a cinematic film so watch on the biggest screen you can find (with popcorn if available) and please let us know your thoughts!

Washed Up is a tender, witty documentary showing a creative relationship in crisis. What drives two veterans of outdoor arts to keep making vital street theatre when some days they are barely on speaking terms? The creative mechanics of Desperate Men’s fractious but fruitful partnership are laid bare, as they reflect on personal and collective mortality, ecological precarity, and their unique legacy of desperation.

This poetic and painfully poignant film was directed by Nathan Hughes of Rough Glory films and won Best Edit at Close Up: Edinburgh Docu Fest 2019. It was also  officially selected by The Dumbo Film Festival in New York and the Buenos Aires Film Festival.

It just took 40 minutes of my life and repaid me with beauty, heart, art, love, humanity, soul, warmth and wisdom. I wish I could embrace you both and weep for life passing, art made and tides turning.

Tim Crouch

To book a screening email info@roughgloryfilms.com or head to the official website for more details about the film and how it was made. Q&As with the Desperate Men & director Nathan Hughes are also bookable. You can view the trailer below or read this longer article in Theatre Bristol.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this, i was there in Bristol at The Cube, i loved seeing you perform!

    thank you

  • Also love this – never got round to making a comment before though…. time and washing up…

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