The Composter

For 2024 we are proud to continue our adventures with a new Co-Creation between The Wye Valley River Festival & Desperate Men

“The Composter” – A dynamic interactive walkabout show that is bold, startling & down to earth.

Connecting people with the value & need for more composting whilst battling the forces of their nemesis micro plastics.


The rise of The Composter premiered atThe Wye Valley River Festival’

May 3rd – 12th / The Wye Valley River Festival

June 8th  / The Composter rose again at Hellens Garden Festival



Creative Team

The Man who soiled himself – Richard Headon
The Make – Jenny Brent Costume Productions
The Sound – Shirley Pegna
The Marketing – Hugh Clifford
The Worm – Nicky Scott
The Felt Maker – Yuli Somme
The Photos – Jenny Brent &


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  • Hey Team
    I was wondering if you happen to be free for a 40 years of Lemmings festival in my home of Manningtree on
    Sunday the 8th September.
    Loads of love Mandy

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