SOuvenir Walk

We created our bespoke SOuvenir Walk for the SO Festival in Skegness, in the scorching summer of 2018. On a guided walk from Arcade to Arcadia we discovered a choir in a wood and a man with two helicopters in his front garden. We hung out with mascot Richie Rabbit, visited a sixties bar full of song, sang along with a crooner in a back garden, pushed a dissenter into a pool, helped build the world’s biggest insect hotel and stared in awe at a beautiful mandala or two.

The walk was designed to reveal the extraordinary and lovely places and people you might not usually discover on a walk through the town. Incredible things can happen behind surburban front doors, in vintage venues and hidden pockets of nature!

Many artists, community groups and residents participated to reveal another side of the town and festival. We owe a special BIG thanks to Magna Vitae, PASSAGE Festival, ACE and Without Walls for their collaboration, help and support

Here in this evocative video filmed and edited by Oskar Halken you can see our progress from Arcade to Arcadia.

If you are interested in creating a bespoke guided walk, getting beneath the skin of your festival or event but working deeper in your community, get in touch!

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