Rick, Dick & Vic … Extreme! (2002 –2003)

Rick, Dick & Vic

Set to a pounding, ethereal soundtrack, our 3 lifestyle consultants spin, frolic and soar to the beat of their hearts and souls. In true comic desperate style, Rick, Dick & Vic celebrate friendship and confront illness and despair. They delve into, wrestle with and spit out the bonds we all share.

Performers: Richard Headon, Vic Llewellyn, Richie Smith, Jon Beedell.
Music: Shirley Pegna. Choreography: Ginny Farman. Design: Sarah Salaman.

‘Tender poignancy underlies the physical bravado … there’s humorous sincerity and touching extremity …’

Total Theatre Magazine

‘Zen and the Art of street theatre no less … works wonderfully well …’

Total Theatre Magazine.

‘Most daring piece of street theatre I’ve seen that worked – beautiful and poignant.’

Arts Officer, London

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  • FINALLY FINALLY I get to see Rick, Vic and Dick – but now I know how much I missed. So brilliant. Big men dancing oh my!

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