Invisible Walls

Teatri Oda

Jon Beedell was invited by In Situ Theatre to collaborate with Neil Butler and Kosovar theatre company Teatri Oda to develop a project around the “invisible walls” that determine contemporary life in Kosova.

‘Home’ is about a thirst for freedom, and a liberation that brings a different set of restrictions – the social and political barriers that stop movement and sometimes communication. Home is something to dream of and escape to, but also a place to escape from. ‘Home’ looks at situations when you are not allowed a home. ‘Home’ is about how freedom of choice has a price.

Directed by Jon and created with Teatri ODA, “Home” combines installation, performance and radical theatre with Albanian song, dance and history. The audience is drawn to a beautiful installation representing Home. However, it isn’t quite what it appears – a little difficult to enter and even more so to leave.

The content and delivery of the project have been devised in a 2 week workshop. The ‘Home’ artists will reconvene in October in Kosova to continue the devising of the show which will be made in spring 2013 and toured thereafter at major European festivals.

Work in progress from Teatri Oda’s new show ‘Invisible Walls’

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