42 years in the making, this new outdoor show represents Desperate Men handing over to the next generation. However, we are not going out quietly. In our signature comic, physical, spontaneous & startling radical style, we’re investigating intergenerational relationships.

‘Generations’ is a provocation that asks: are young people only here to serve the healthcare & pensions of the elderly? Or are generational distinctions evaporating as Boomers keep working longer and act as support for young families?

The wider world is also shedding its skin, as the convulsions of the past few years continue to rock the earth we stand on. Brexit, Covid, climate change, ‘levelling up’ and the many brutal wars around the world have left communities divided, isolated, and sometimes in despair. How can we forge new, cross-generational connections?

We’re reviewing the situation …

We invite the audience to bear witness to a ceremony of transformation, as we pass the baton and imagine how the young and the old might co-exist in the future. From desperation to regeneration, we welcome in the new.



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