‘Generations’ – a new show by The Desperate Men for 2022

Jon Beedell and Richard Headon

In 2022, Jon Beedell and Richard Headon will be going back into the streets, directing and performing in a new outdoor show with a cast of young, diverse collaborators.

Veteran performers, the Desperate Men, have been reflecting on their idea of themselves as ‘radical outsiders’ when they started on the streets in the 1980s. Were they then, and are they still, as radical as they thought?

To help answer some of these questions they went to find the new ‘radical outsiders’.

Working with a group of young diverse creatives in Bristol, they challenged and questioned motivations, assumptions and beliefs held by people of different generations. Some of the unexpected results can be seen in our film below.

The show will reflect on what it was like being a teenager in the 1960s and what it is like now, how can Generation Z talk to Baby Boomers? What can we learn from each other? How can we amicably work, talk and build together a post-Brexit and post-pandemic future?

The Desperate Men and their new desperate collaborators will bring a mix of mischievousness chaos to an unapologetically ‘Live’, face to face, day time Outdoor performance.

Your Support?

We are contacting you hoping that you would like to support us with festival bookings / co-commissions to help with our funding applications.

We are fundraising now, and appreciate that budgets and planning are up in the air with many people. However we would really appreciate any indication of your interest at this stage.

Please contact us with any questions or offers of support at office@desperatemen.com

Details: The show will be a daytime, outdoor show with a touring party of max. 6 / 7 people.

Rehearsal and Production will happen in Winter 2021 / 2022, looking to be ready to tour Late Spring 2022.

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