The three-year DNAarts project was commissioned by Bath and North East Somerset Council to create new ways for communities, and particularly families who rarely come into contact with exciting and stimulating art, to engage with high quality art in all forms.

Our contributions included bottling the essence of Radstock as chefs, bringing love to Twerton on Valentines day to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Bakers of Bath, leading intrepid mountaineers up the terrifying slopes of SnowHill and working with And Now … and Cirque Bijou to create Radstock’s mesmerising ‘Light the Night’ event.

DNAarts ran from 2014 to 2017 and was a consortium of Desperate Men and The Natural Theatre Company, arts leaders Phillippa Haynes and Mijanou Blech and is led by the arts education company Boomsatsuma.

Person in fat suit sat in a deck chair with a newspaper covering their face

Jon Beedell as ‘Piggy’ in Pig Pen Lottery at Bath City Farm in 2016

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