Desperate Men Presents … Ghosts – Something Rotten

Do you believe in Ghosts?

In a new specially commissioned show for the PASSAGE Festival, Aug 3rd-5th, Desperate Men return to Helsingør to investigate reported otherworldly psychic paranormal phantasmagoria.

From the ‘other side,’ 3 spectral specialists on a spiritual pilgrimage attempt to investigate trace phenomena, such as Hamlet’s ghostly father, poltergeist activity, and reports of the UK haunting Europe.

Delving into Shakespeare, Dracula, the after-shocks of Brexit,16th Century English song, and a fine collection of coiffured wigs, these experts will weave storytelling, apparitions, and apparent disinformation that is being spouted to lay bare the truth about what is actually going on.

More Scooby Don’t than Scooby Do.


Devised & Performed
Sarah Corbett
Angus Barr
Richard Headon

Musical Direction
Shirley Pegna

Susie Donkin

Photos/Art work
Sarah Corbett

Richard Headon

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