As Desperate Men approach the 40th year of our creative endeavours in 2020, it’s time to reflect and project. Bouncing on the springboard of the last four decades, the absurdities and upheavals of 40 years of cultural, social, environmental and political change this show will ask how on earth did humanity get here, and where are we heading?

We will use ‘The Four Seasons’ as a starting point – four acts, four flavours, four perspectives, four performers – and work out where we are in the cycle. Is it spring or winter?

We’ll be asking what significant events have shaped our times, both personally and globally? Is there a feasible future to build and share? What can we hope for? We’ll walk a tightrope between the fun and frolicsome and the dark and mysterious.

We also plan to explore aspects of our SOuvenir Walk, created for the 2018 SO festival. This partly grew from the concept of the ‘democratic performative’ – where any audience are active participants in affecting the direction, outcome and content of the work. Where does the audience want to take US? We know the departing point, but where are we going to end up?

We’re delighted that the research and development for our new show Departure will be supported by Blueprint: Without Walls R&D investment fund. Blueprint is Without Walls’ new investment stream that gives artists the opportunity to explore bold, provocative ideas for new outdoor work at the very early stages, with the aim of them growing into touring shows in future years.

The R&D for Departure is supported by Blueprint: Without Walls R&D investment fund


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