Darwin and the Dodo

Darwin and the Dodo

Grounded in science and thorough research, this show looks at Chalres Darwin’s ideas, life, times and legacy. Although he never saw a live Dodo, by weaving the story of this species demise through Darwin’s own it provides an unlikely juxtaposition for a tongue in cheek and sideways look at the ‘mystery of mysteries’.

All carried off in Desperate Men’s inimitable, dynamic and engaging style, Darwin and the Dodo explores themes of evolution and extinction. It premiered at the launch of Darwin 200 at the Natural History Museum.

“I must admit to having been sceptical of Darwin and the Dodo before I saw your performance at the Hong Kong Science Museum. Like many scientists, I am uneasy about mixing fact with fiction – we are always taught to separate very clearly facts (observations) from inferences, let alone suppositions. However, I was won over by the accuracy of the science in your performance and how you were able to convey difficult issues about evolution in an intelligent yet light-hearted way.”

Dr Paul D. Taylor, Dept. of Palaeontology, Natural History Museum

“Went down a storm ! Everyone was really pleased with them and so were we.”

Ashley Kent, Science Development Project Co-ordinator, Centre for Life, Newcastle

Darwin and the Dodo at Ciencia na Rua, Estremoz, Portugal

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