Dancing Bear Cheese

Case study: Dancing Bear’s Cheese (2005)

Dancing Bear's Cheese

This spoof food product was a sensation at the Soil Association Organic Food Festival,with many convinced it was a real product. The team was congratulated for rescuing dancing bears from Eastern Europe and relocating them to disused wartime bunkers in The Ardennes Forest. Given Anti-Dance therapy they are lovingly cared for and gently milked to provide the dreamy creamy ingredient that is central to that unique yet bearable flavour that is Dancing Bear’s Cheese

See intrepid food journalist David Rears track down the origin of the unique gourmet delight in this episode of What’s in your mouth.


Case Study: Mermaids At The Dive Show

“The event was a huge success. The Desperate Men mermaids had everyone in stitches and were the talk of the show. Astonishingly, more than 10% of the 16,000 people at the show came to our tiny stand and signed our petition.

The actors were incredibly enthusiastic, energetic and hard-working, keeping the show going all weekend long, and they worked very effectively with the campaign team.”

Lisa Chilton, Marine Development Manager, Wildlife Trusts

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