CSI Clowns

CSI Clowns

Crime Scene Investigator Dr Litmus and tough New York cop Lieutenant McHeath have been called in to investigate a crime scene. At the centre is a large box with a radioactive sticker. Wires protrude, connected to a variety of everyday objects: water, charcoal, tofu, a bugle, anti-dandruff shampoo, matches, a drill bit and an axe, among other strange items. What is going on? Can our heroes solve the mystery? Are these objects connected in some way? And why is there a wired up a banana-bomb?

In CSI Clowns, our comic investigators look at elements and compounds and explore how the building blocks of life are created. Performances feature comedy and songs and are highly interactive. CSI Clowns is the third in a series of science shows, following on from Darwin and the Dodo and Everything Gets Eaten.

Commissioned by the British Council in Hong Kong and Ciencia Na Rua, Estremoz, Portugal.

CSI Clowns at Ciencia na Rua, Estremoz, Portugal

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