Bristol Loves Tides

Photo by Tom Walmsley

Photo by Tom Walmsley

Water runs under, over and around Bristol, but how many people understand how and when it ebbs, flows, floods and falls? Bristol Loves Tides took audiences deep into the rhythm of our city’s water with an education programme for school communities and the wider public, using performance and film to explore water flows, tides and systems.

Desperate Men appeared at BLT events from March – October 2015 as Peri and Proxi, the tides made flesh. Peri and Proxi arrived with the Spring Equinox and spent the summer with the good people of Bristol, finally departing under a Blood Moon as the autumn equinox rolled in. Their adventures are not quite over, however, as they have been spotted in Spain taking part in a video by BLT collaborators Rough Glory films – watch this space for updates. Click here to see the first Rough Glory film of Proxi and Peri arriving in Bristol or click here to read a lovely blog post by geographer Katherine Jones reflecting on Peri and Proxi’s contribution to Bristol’s tidal education.

Bristol Loves Tides was part of the Bristol Green Capital 2015 programme and was led by My Future My Choice. We collaborated with a group of 16-25 year olds, Rough Glory Films and partners including NOVA, Hydrocitizenship, Underfall-Yard and Bristol Festival of Ideas to help create a deeper awareness of the city’s wild spaces and how ecology, biodiversity and energy interconnect.

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