Booty, Baddies and Beasties

Picture copyright Jon Craig

Arts Council EnglandIn March 2017 we took over the grand halls of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery for an immersive, adult only adventure inspired by the heroes and monsters of the Old English poem of Beowulf.

See the film of this contemporary take on the 1000 old epic, with rap battles, music and animation, aimed at introducing the museum to a new audience!

The show was created to complement the Warrior Treasures exhibition of Saxon gold from the Staffordshire Hoard, and experts were on hand to illuminate Anglo-Saxon life, culture and gold during breaks in the action.

Cast List

  • Shirley Pegna (Desperate Men Musical Director) – Sound
  • Rod Maclachlan – Light, Projections Film
  • Dani Landau – Projections & Film
  • Jon Beedell – Directing, hosting
  • Richard Headon – Directing, hosting
  • Tom Stubbs, with Michael Smith & Joff Winterhart – Creating artistic response to theme of Monsters.
  • Bigger House Films
  • Jonny Steele (The Scribes) – Rap Battle
  • Dub Princess – Rap Battle, Grendel’s mother
  • DJ Dad – Music, sound
  • Faith Bennett – War Artist
  • Becky Prior (Priormade) – Set dresser and makes
  • Gail Boyle, Senior Curator of Archaeology at Bristol Museum – Keeper of the Treasure. Anglo Saxon life, riddles and tales from the archaeological sites
  • Becky Peters – Engagement Officer at Bristol Museum (exhibitions)

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