Wye Valley River Festival 2018

Exploring the theme of Trees and Woodlands, the Wye Valley River Festival 2018 was rooted in the woodlands that shroud & define the Wye Valley AONB. With two weeks of glorious May weather, the festival attracted great audiences and was featured in national press including the Guardian, the Times and the Telegraph.

Magical events sprang up down the river from Hereford to Chepstow between May 5 – 20, including a unique chance to see Luke Jerram’s stunning Museum of the Moon rise within the walls of Tintern Abbey.

The festival, for which Desperate Men are Artistic Directors, was woven together by our show ‘Heart to Hart’, an arboreal fairy-tale that ran through the festival like mycelium.

The full programme included a night-time installation at Symonds Yat by Jony Easterby, Moon Picnics and Pilgramage Walks at the Abbey and art by the Arborealists.

The Festival was funded again by Arts Council England & Arts Council Wales as well as the Sustainable Development Fund, the Environment Agency and Forestry Commission England. You can view some images from the festival below, view more images and video on the My Wye website or or go to the Wye Valley River Festival website to find out more.

Photo Moon at Tinter Emma Drabble.


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